Coolest McDonald’s Restaurants Ever

I love the Golden Arches. Stopping at McDonald’s to get a Happy Meal was a highlight of many childhood road trips. I remember one summer, my twin brother and I collected Muppet Babies toys (Kermit the Frog on a skateboard and Miss Piggy in a light pink car) and another summer, we collected Popoids (bendy, twisty toys that I didn’t know were called Popoids until I Googled it for this blog post). Hours were spent in the backseat of the stationwagon playing with these toys.

That’s when I decided to compile a list of the coolest McDonald’s restaurants around the world for The Daily Meal. There are 35,000+ McDonald’s restaurants in more than 100 countries. While most McDonald’s restaurant designs are as formulaic as the recipe for a Big Mac, the fast-food giant has more than a dozen cool spots around the world that add a side of ambiance to its meals. From a plane to a train to a UFO, McDonald’s has some impressive fast-food structures. Check them out in We’re Lovin’ It: The 19 Coolest McDonald’s Restaurants. Which one is your favorite?

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