Have a heli-good time: Locales to see from a helicopter

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While most travelers see the world’s natural wonders by land or sea, a growing number are choosing to experience them by helicopter.

The past few decades have seen an increase in leisure helicopter trips, which give travelers a breathtaking perspective not attainable by merely exploring on land.

The popularity of heli-tourism has even generated new adventure tours, which combine the helicopter ride with another activity like heli-skiing and heli-yoga in a locale that is hard to reach or impossible to access without a helicopter.

In a few minutes to more than an hour, these rides of a lifetime not only give travelers a bird’s eye view of iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, but they also take passengers to places few can go without a helicopter like inside the Grand Canyon and atop isolated Alaskan glaciers.

While major tourism destinations from Australia to Zimbabwe offer adrenaline-fueled helicopter tours, we’ve found the best helicopter rides for having a heli-good time.

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Publication:  Cheapflights.com | February 6, 2015