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Lauren Mack

Multimedia Journalist

Lauren Mack has traveled to 40 countries on five continents but counts Asia as tops on her list of places to explore.

Lauren is a freelance multimedia journalist who has written on a variety of topics both in the U.S. and in Asia. Her stories about Chinese culture, travel, sports, food, shopping, architecture and popular culture have appeared online at The Daily Meal and GuidePal, in U.S. magazines, including Newsweek International, HFN, and Elle Girl and newspapers such as Chicago TribuneNewsday, The Palm Beach Post, and Sun-Sentinel. In Beijing, her work has appeared in Time Out, City Weekend Beijing, tbj Home, and Urbane. In Hong Kong, her work has appeared in Time Out. In Taipei, her work regularly appears in EVA Air’s inflight magazine, En Voyage (formerly Verve). In addition, Lauren has worked on guidebooks for Zagat, Explorer Publishing, GuidePal, and Time Out.

Lauren is currently the New York City Travel Editor at The Daily Meal.

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